15 Tasks That Photographers and Videographers Can Outsource To Virtual Assistants

Here are fifteen tasks that photographers and videographers can outsource to virtual assistants to maximise their shooting time.


1. Basic Photo and Video Editing

The final edit of your photos or videos may be something that you want to complete yourself. However, virtual assistants can provide you with basic editing skills that can save you a load of time and effort.

2. Adding Watermarks

If you’re considering putting your images on the web, you’ll need to make sure that the samples have a watermark. Otherwise, they’re bound to be copied and used somewhere without your permission. Adding a watermark to your images is simple, but it’s a time-consuming job. This task is ideal for a Photographer VA.

3. Updating Galleries

Putting your thousands of photos or videos online is probably something you’ve been telling yourself you’ll get around to eventually. Employ a VA to do this, and you soon have an extensive online gallery.

4. Assist With Creating Photography or Videography Courses

Teaching your photography or videography skills is a big money-spinner. A VA can help you with the considerable amount of administration it takes to develop such a course.

5. Creating Lead Magnets For Courses and Other Income Sources

Once you’ve got your photography or videography course developed, you’ll need to market it. This task is another time-consuming one that is ideal for a VA.

6. Tagging Photos on Social Media

Merely having your beautiful photos or videos posted on social media is not enough to get them noticed. Your VA can set about tagging these correctly so that they start to receive a considerable amount of views.

7. Adding Descriptions to Photos and Videos on Websites

Having good descriptions and names for the photos and videos posted on your website will help search engines pick them up quicker. Your VA can do this, freeing you from a time-consuming task.

8. SEO Your Website

While they’re at the previous task, you might as well get your VA to SEO your entire website. Let’s face it; you’re never going to get around to that!

9. Loading Videos to YouTube or Other Video Hosting Platforms

Sitting in front of your screen, watching the progress of a massive video file uploading to YouTube isn’t the best use of any videographer’s time. This job is definitely one for your VA.

10. Organise Your Photo/Video Library

A VA can organise your filing system, making it easier to search and filter for photos and videos by topic, date, mood, etc.

11. Social Media Management

Getting your photos and videos onto social media is one thing, but this means of marketing needs to be managed. A VA can take this monumental task off your shoulders.

12. Blogging About Your Photos or Videos

Posting your work with a supporting blog is more likely to generate interest than the image/video on its own. Your VA can create regular blogs about your work.

13. Marketing Your Photos, Videos, and Courses

With all your photos, videos, snd training courses squared away, you’ll need someone to market your material. Your VA is the perfect choice for this task.

14. Processing and Delivering Online Orders of Photos/Videos/Courses

Any sales you make from your courses, photos, or videos can be processed by your VA.

15. Dealing with Online Customer Service Issues

And, of course, your VA can deal with any issues arising from your online sales.