Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Get Your Business Ready For Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday is an annual non-commercial campaign aimed at helping promote small businesses across the UK. The campaign originated in the United States, where it sought to win back some of the online focus that consumers were paying to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Small Business Saturday encourages consumers to get out and shop locally. The nationwide event takes place on the first Saturday in December, and the aim is to make an impact with consumers that will last the whole year.

It is crucial that you make the most of this even if you are a small business owner, and make the right preparations to ensure success. But what is the best way to prepare your business for this event?

This article aims to give you some tips on preparing your business for maximum impact on Small Business Saturday.

How To Prepare For Small Business Saturday

1. Tidy-Up

Ensure that your premises are as inviting as possible, and the best way to do this is to give the place a good tidy-up. Remove any clutter or obstructions that will get in the customers’ way, and arrange everything to look organised and attractive.

2. Take On Additional Staff

Small Business Saturday is a special day, so make sure that you have plenty of staff on the premises to make the customers feel special. Adding a personal touch and going overboard on customer service are areas that a small business can out-perform larger or online retailers.

3. Prepare Your Website

Yes, the day aims to get people to your premises and off the internet. However, you need to have your website prepared in case people want to ponder a potential purchase. Treat them well in your shop, and the chances are they'll go to your website to buy later.

4. Prepare Promotions and Special Offers

Everyone loves a bargain or an offer they cannot get elsewhere. Create special promotions or special offers for in-store purchases, issue discount codes, website vouchers, etc, for visitors to use later.

5. Create An Event

Small Business Saturday is a unique nationwide event, so make it unique for those that come to your store. Refreshments, competitions, kids’ activities, and so on are ways of turning the day into something memorable that will get people to return.

6. Advertise the Event

Ensure that people know about Small Business Saturday and the special events you are laying on for it. Contact local online groups, newspapers, and your local radio station so that as many people as possible know about your event and promotions.


Small Business Saturday is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to win back some of the attention that large companies and the big online retailers have. To ensure that you have a successful event on the day and its aftermath, you must prepare adequately. Don't have the time to dedicate for preparations? Our professional VAs are here to help!

Hopefully, this brief article will help with your preparations and lead to a successful Small Business Saturday.