7 Ways A Call Answering Service Can Help Small Businesses

Answering phone calls can often distract you from other important aspects of your business. Of course, the phones need to be answered, so one solution is to use a telephone answering service.

Here are seven benefits to your business by using a call answering service.


1. Boost Productivity

Answering phone calls can be a huge distraction. This distraction is not only for the person receiving the call but also for those nearby the call. Distractions reduce staff productivity, and even after the call has ended, it may take some time to get back into their work.

A call answering service can remove this distraction, freeing staff to concentrate on what they need to. The result is a boost in productivity.

2. Reduce Staff Costs

Maybe you have already considered hiring someone to take on the burden of answering calls. A receptionist will certainly allow other staff to concentrate on their jobs. However, they will come with a hefty financial cost. If you are hiring them merely to answer calls, you will undoubtedly find a call answering service to be more cost-effective than a staff member.

3. Eliminates Training Costs

A new member of staff will rarely hit the ground running. You will likely need to spend time and resources training them before they become effective in their role. This training takes up not only their time but also that of a mentoring staff member. A call answering service needs no training or mentoring and is ready to go immediately.

4. Take Calls While You Sleep

You may not be able to have your business open 24/7, but with a call answering service, your customers can speak to someone every minute of every day. Think about how that might boost your sales?

5. Increase Customer Faith

Having an actual person answering your calls all hours of the day means that your customers will have more faith in your reliability and customer service. Even merely to hold a conversation over to the following morning, your customers will appreciate the human interaction dealing with their queries.

6. Manage Surges in Business

A sudden surge in business might be great for sales, but it can also lead to orders being missed or queries not being answered. If you use a call answering service, you will be able to manage surges, making sure that no customer gets forgotten about

7. Schedule Management

Missing a planned appointment is not only unprofessional; it can lead to missed opportunities. A call answering service can also help you manage your busy schedule, calling you with reminders of pending meetings and appointments.