How Virtual Assistants Can Save Time For Executives

All executives and entrepreneurs want to put their time to best use. Better use of their time generally equates to making more money. For this reason, outsourcing less critical business activities to virtual assistants have become a popular choice.

Here are a few roles that a virtual assistant takes on to save executives time and money.

Blogging Tasks

Blogs are something that is expected, not a nice-to-have. But blogging is time-consuming, so not an ideal task for an executive. Your business’ virtual assistant will do the following blogging tasks:

  • Create blogs.
  • Moderate blog comments.
  • Respond to blog comments.
  • Research blog topics.
  • Add tags to blog posts.
  • Find and insert images to blog posts.

Database Management

The more your business grows, the more data it will amass. Your virtual assistant will help with:

Document Organization

Your business will have a multitude of written communications, presentations, and documents that need organizing. These tasks are ideally suited to a virtual assistant:

  • Data Entry in spreadsheets or documents.
  • PDF conversion, merging, splitting, etc.
  • Simple eBook Layout / Formatting.
  • Create reports.
  • Create forms.
  • Document template production.
  • Dropbox/Google Drive Organization
  • Prepare presentations.

Edit Audio and Video Content

Podcasts, vlogs, and other audio/visual content tasks don't end when the executive has finished recording. There are a host of things that a virtual assistant will do to help an executive in this area:

  • Creation and management of YouTube accounts.
  • Transcribe video and audio files.
  • Upload videos to YouTube.
  • Upload videos to other video sharing sites.
  • Moderate YouTube comments.

Email Management:

Clearing an email inbox can be a full-time job for an already busy executive. Much better to outsource this task, and only deal with the essential communications.

  • Filtering emails.
  • Proofreading emails.
  • Responding to greetings, invitations, etc.
  • Answering standard business inquiries.

Email Marketing

Marketing can take up as much time as you'll give it. An executive's time is better spent on face-to-face meetings. A virtual assistant will deal with:

  • Creating new email lists.
  • Adding or removing subscribers.
  • Creating broadcast emails.
  • Scheduling and sending broadcast emails.
  • Creating auto-responders.
  • Newsletter production.

Project Management & Training Tasks

Depending on your virtual assistant's experience, they may be able to handle the following:

  • Project Management between managers and their teams.
  • Training of new virtual staff.
  • Preparation of training materials.
  • Deadline and deliverables Tracking.
  • Management of new virtual staff.

Receptionist Tasks

Your virtual assistant will manage all of your virtual reception responsibilities, such as:

  • Basic Bookkeeping.
  • Sending Client Invoices.
  • Running personal online errands.
  • Preparing minutes of online meetings.
  • Customer service.
  • Voicemail Checking.

Schedule Management:

A good virtual assistant will make sure the executive is in the right place at the right time.

  • Calendar Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Executive reminder
  • Travel Arrangement and Planning

Social Media Tasks

Social media management can eat up an executive's time. A virtual assistant will take on these simple, but time-consuming tasks:

  • Create Facebook pages and groups.
  • Schedule and post Facebook insights.
  • Promote Facebook pages.
  • Collate and interpret Facebook insights.
  • Creation and management of Twitter accounts.
  • Promote Twitter accounts.
  • Schedule Tweets.
  • Creation and management of the executive's LinkedIn profile.
  • Respond to messages on all social media platforms.
  • Tracking mentions and hashtags.



An executive's time is too valuable to get involved in a lot of necessary tasks within their business. Using a virtual assistant will free you from these tasks, giving you more time to make money.

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